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Woodstock - results
Election Candidate Party Votes %
Ian Donald Hudspeth The Conservative Party Candidate 1694 48% Elected
Julian Craig Cooper Liberal Democrats 1348 38% Not elected
Dave Baldwin Labour Party 324 9% Not elected
David James Chanter Green Party 182 5% Not elected
Voting Summary
Details Number
Seats 1
Total votes 3548
Electorate 8009
Number of ballot papers issued 3553
Number of ballot papers rejected 5
Number of postal votes sent 797
Number of postal votes returned 550
Turnout 44%
Share of the votes (%)
Ian Donald Hudspeth 48% Elected
Julian Craig Cooper 38% Not elected
Dave Baldwin 9% Not elected
David James Chanter 5% Not elected


OCC Elections 2017

Election results by party
Party name Seats won % of votes
The Conservative Party Candidate 31 41%
Liberal Democrats 13 25%
Labour Party 11 17%
Independent 4 3%
Labour & Co-operative Party 3 4%
Henley Residents Group 1 < 1%
Green Party 0 7%
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 0 < 1%
Turnout: 38%

Woodstock - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
Ian Donald HudspethConservative120941%Elected
Julian Craig CooperLiberal Democrat71224%Not elected
Charles BennettUKIP48016%Not elected
Nathaniel Robert MilesLabour28410%Not elected
John Robert O'ReganGreen2378%Not elected
Voting Summary
Total votes2922
Num. ballot papers issued2471
Number of ballot papers rejected2
Number of postal votes sent684
Share of the votes (%)
Ian Donald Hudspeth 41%Elected
Julian Craig Cooper 24%Not elected
Charles Bennett 16%Not elected
Nathaniel Robert Miles 10%Not elected
John Robert O'Regan 8%Not elected


Canvassing with Dan Hannan MEP in Thame for a Yes vote on the Thame Neighbourhood Plan, localism working in planning.


In Woodstock with David Cameron MP, Charlotte Dickson, Fiona Roper, Robert Courts Liam Walker & friends


The Radio Oxford live debate with Liz Brighouse (Labour), Larry Sanders ( Green)  & Zoe Patrick (Liberal Democrats) no UKIP in the studio as they had been canvassing in South Shields


Canvassing with Eric Batts Hinksey, I'm squinting due to the sunlight, has summer finally arrived?


Canvassing in Didcot with Bill Service


Charlgrove with Caroline Newton, John Howell MP & Angie Paterson


In Henley with David Nimmo-Smith


Sonning Common with David Bartholomew


St Clement's and Cowley Marsh Conservative candidate with transport boss Rodney Rose explaining why there should be a crossing in Morrell Avenenue.


The end of a good day in Grove and Abindingdon, welcoming the Stretcher for Heros with Nicola Blackwood MP.


A productive afternoon canvassing in Abingdon for Mike Badcock, Marilyn Badcock and Sandy Lovatt 3 hard working councillors who understand what needs to be done for Abingdon.


A good start to Saturday, canvassing in Grove with the 2 good candidates Charlotte Dickson and Fiona Roper. Some very positive feedback and I look forward to seeing them at County Hall representing the residents of Grove & Wantage.


The Prime Minister came to Woodstock on Friday 5th April to help with some canvassing, it was very useful to have him help.

                                                               Election 2013

There will be County Council elections on 2nd May for all new 63 divisions in Oxfordshire. This is a reduction of 11 divisions since 2009 following a boundary review, this will save nearly £100,000 per year.

I will be standing for re-election to the Woodstock division that I have represented since 2005, there will be the addition of Bladon, Combe and Stonefield; whilst the villages of Enstone, the Tews, Heythrop and Swerford will become part of the Chipping Norton divsision.

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible over the coming weeks.


                                                                                                   Election Result 2012

They say a week is a long time in politics and certainly for me the last week has been a long time and having the highs and lows. It was only on Thursday night that I was elected as Leader of the Conservative Group at the County Council, a week later I stood for re-election at the District Council unfortunately I lost by 65 votes.

I am disappointed as I've enjoyed the last 10 years representing Woodstock & Bladon however I wish my successor all the best for the next 4 years.

                                                                                      District Council Elections

Elections take place on 3rd May 2012 for 17 of the 49 seats at West Oxfordshire District Council. There is an election in the ward of Woodstock & Bladon the other candidate is a Liberal as Labour has decided not to contest the seat. I will be canvassing the ward trying to visit as many residents as possible before the election. If you would like to assist in the campaign by delivering leaflets, canvassing or having a poster in your window or garden then please contact me 07956 270 318.

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